Cloud Connectivity and Communications Optimization with Equinix and VeloCloud

Customer Challenges

Unfavourable terms and conditions

Cost Control
Delayed Cloud Value

High costs due to legacy infrastructure

Performance, Security, Visibility,
and Compliance


Understand your communications options and available pricing.

Leverage competitive offers to drive your terms and conditions.

Reduce the time to value for cloud solutions.

Improve Costs, Performance, Reliability, Latency, Visibility, and Security.

Self-fund these benefits through cost optimization.

How we do it

There are new innovative solutions to reduce costs and improve performance

Communication Aggregator - Promote communications provider competition to reduce costs and establish client terms for last mile connectivity

Equinix Partnership - Global connectivity to centralize access to cloud services and the Internet, while reducing latency and improving security. Equinix provides cloud like access to communications services and reduces costs of cloud egress

Velocloud SD-WAN - Reduces the cost and improves performance, flexibility, redundancy, and manageability of the last mile connectivity

Zero Trust Authentication - Provides a security infrastructure paradigm to support multi-cloud architecture, and multi-mode application delivery

Application Homing - Enables optimized platform selection for applications using on-site private cloud services, public cloud services and the digital edge

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