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Quality Assurance and Regression Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) provides the first opportunity for a tester to experience a particular piece of software to ensure that a quality product has been delivered.   This important first step ensures that bugs are fixed, requirements are met, and that a usable product has been delivered.  ESTI continues to provide the resources to perform this important first testing step as we have done for more than a dozen years.  We are proud to deliver a quality products to the users.  In addition to performing the testing, we help our clients to create or enhance their own QA resources. 

Whatever stage your own QA services may be at, ESTI can assist or augment the process.

ESTI can provide the tools, personnel and expertise needed for your testing requirements. We will help you to effectively and efficiently perform any type of testing you require. Our skilled personnel have expertise in both manual and automated regression testing and can provide the supports necessary for performing user acceptance testing. We understand that the work commitment to set up and maintain good regression testing should not be underestimated.

Regression testing is an integral part of the release of software and in ongoing system audits. Regression testing is of special importance as it provides the administrator with confidence that the systems in production are producing the expected results - for all applications old and new. On applications where automated regression testing is the best solution, ESTI has the experience to work with you to create a suite of tests to ensure the on-going functionality of the system.

ESTI believes so strongly in supporting User Acceptance Testing and doing Regression Testing, we have developed a detailed methodology for doing it. In addition, ESTI can provide training on UAT best practices and facilitate the testing initiative for your staff. Despite the effort required, testing is possible, invaluable and ESTI does it.