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Virtualization Services

Storage capacity requirements are growing faster today than any other time in our digital history. Unfortunately, IT storage budgets are not rising to keep pace. This means we need to manage storage much smarter than in the past. This can only be accomplished by optimizing capacity usage while automating the use of multiple storage tiers to allow independent scaling of either performance or capacity. Further, modern storage systems are highly consolidated offering simplified centralized management across the enterprise.

Virtualization of your servers and data center can provide you with many advantages. It can allow you to take multiple physical computers and run them on one physical computer. The use of VMware technologies to create virtual servers is a great way to get better efficiency in your data center.

Once you have virtualized your servers, you will want to look at the additional benefits of virtualization. Virtual Desktops significantly reduce the management costs associated with your desktops while providing better management and control.

Along with Server and Desktop Virtualization, ESTI with VMware can provide Application Virtualization. This allows you to package your applications in such a way that you can run each one in its’ own “bubble” or “sand box”. The applications do not have to be installed on the individual machines and they do not interfere with each other.

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