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Data Services

Corporate data should be considered a key strategic asset. In some cases the ability to provide access to data is mandated, in many other cases the data itself is extremely valuable to an organization. Regardless of what is driving your need for data protection, ESTI can work with you to architect and implement a solution to meet your requirements.

ESTI provides a project team that combines strong technical skills with experience in both conversion and the target platform.

ESTI has successfully completed a variety of data conversion projects in diverse environments. Conversions have been performed on various data stores (e.g. DBase, DB 2, Foxpro, RDB, SQLBase, Access, Oracle) operating on equally diverse platforms (e.g. UNIX, VAX, Novell, Microsoft, Linux).

ESTI Consulting Services provide data migration services utilizing proven techniques and field tested tools. The goal of our data migration strategy is to offer non-disruptive migration plans whenever possible. Each migration plan is designed and tested to work in your environment with data protection given the highest consideration. With use of our experienced project managers we work with you to determine the right solution for your environment.

ESTI Consulting Services offer a focused, highly effective portfolio of disaster recovery technology and planning options. We understand the importance of today’s business data, the costs associated with outages or down times which result in lost productivity and revenue. Our professionals will work with you to understand your business requirements with respect to disaster recovery and data protection. ESTI will help you define your requirements and build a business case to support your disaster recovery initiatives.

In today’s rapidly expanding and dynamically changing IT environments many IT organizations are facing very similar challenges when it comes to their data and infrastructure requirements. The pressure to accomplish more with less, combined with the need to be flexible, adaptable and responsive in handling the growth of systems and data creates a challenging environment. The need to respond and grow has to be balanced with the costs of solutions as well as the people costs to manage and implement them.

The value of data changes over time. In order to manage large amounts of data in a cost effective manner we need to ensure data is housed at a cost reflecting its value. This means data must move seamlessly and automatically to more cost effective storage as its value decreases. Identification of the value of the data to be stored is crucial in managing ever increasing amounts of data without drastically increasing IT storage budgets.

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