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Pension & Benefit Solutions and Services

Pension & Benefit Solutions and Services

ESTI has worked with numerous business partners and clients to build integrated pension administration systems for pension plans based across Canada.  These systems have provided our clients with dramatic and quantitative improvements in productivity.

During the process of custom software application development in specific environments, we have developed knowledge, skills, and methodologies that we are able to provide to our client base.

Although our applications are developed within a specific environment, we have successfully utilized a generic approach so that the resulting solution is powerful, flexible, and customizable.  Emphasis on integrated modules for functionality allows clients to identify the tasks that the system will perform. 

ESTI has successfully implemented top quality pension systems that incorporate both our other flagship solutions and the following functional modules:

  • Member Information System
  • Data Capture System and the Internet based Web Remittance System
  • Enrolment System
  • Benefit Calculation System
  • Annual Pension Statement Module
  • Actuarial Extract Module
  • Retired Member System
  • Payment Production System
  • Employer Information System
  • Green File Document Imaging System