Josh Rayray’s Internship Experience at ESTI

Tell us about your background and how you got into the internship

It all stems from a Computer Science class during my senior year. I knew that tech was the “future of work”, and although my interest and background involved Visual Arts, being a part of this future is a curiosity of mine, so I dared to take the challenge.

Due to my experience with film and photography, I quickly learned that I was more drawn to visuals, which prompted me to appreciate web development the most in my Computer Science class. Fuelled by a desire to learn, I took the liberty to join web development and design bootcamps in the city, which led me to discover the Summer Youth Internship Program offered by SIEC. Fast forward to the applications, getting matched with ESTI, and a delightful interview, I started working at ESTI in the beginning of last summer.

Tell us about your internship and what your experience was like

Every internship is different. ESTI is an IT consulting company, which means that the team is largely composed of Analysts. Many of them are involved with implementing systems, developing applications, communicating with clients, and working with platforms such as APEX, VMware, and ZenD.

My experience was unique because unlike most interns hired as Analysts, I worked with ESTI as a visual designer for the new ESTI website. On this project, I was responsible for conducting research, creating wireframes, and designing visual mockups which were required to look visually appealing and functional. While I worked as a designer, I was given the opportunity to expand my current skills through coding. During my time as an intern, I helped develop the front-end of the website with a team of developers. This experience allowed me to gain practical experience with web development in an Agile environment.

What do you like most about working with ESTI?

At ESTI I love the balance between autonomy and working in a team. Being able to work independently allows for enough freedom to experiment and solve problems on my own. When I am stuck, I can either message my team or approach my mentor to seek help one on one. Working in a team allows me to expand my perspective by having scheduled meetings, which served as a valuable way for me to learn alternative solutions, while obtaining insights on working in a professional business setting.

Where are you right now at ESTI?

Fortunately, after my six weeks of internship last summer, I was offered to continue working with ESTI. Throughout the year I worked on interesting projects, both internal and client-based.

Currently, I am working on developing the front end of an invoice web application. In this project, I am able to familiarize myself with the back-end portion of web development, deepen my knowledge of coding the front-end, and solidify that knowledge through practice.

At the same time, I am working with our Marketing Analyst with creating the visual design of our Facebook page’s content, as well as working with our marketing strategy.

What have you learned at ESTI and do you have any advice to future interns?

I learned to be flexible, and work efficiently with a team. Prior to working with ESTI, I was more likely to do things my way. Working with a group with more experience than me, I learned there could be a lot of factors in play which I was initially unaware of. My experience with ESTI allowed me to approach a situation through a multidisciplinary lens. Much like the culture of ESTI consisting of Engineers, Business Analysts, and Technical Analysts, they work in teams to combine multiple expertises in order to create the best solution for a client’s problem. As soon as I learned to approach a situation from different perspectives, I was able to work more productively.

My advice to future interns is to embrace a growth mindset. Some ways to do this is by adopting a path of continual learning, reflecting on mistakes, and being open and responsive to feedback. Coming into ESTI with this mindset proved to be invaluable towards the success of the projects I worked on and to my personal growth.