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2016 News

ESTI Consulting Services Partners with University of Saskatchewan College of Engineering

November 16, 2016


At ESTI Consulting Services (ESTI), we see development of a best-in-class professional team as the most important thing that we do. For more than 25 years, ESTI has invested in our team’s skills through formal training and developmental assignments to ensure that our clients benefit from the best team available.

ESTI Consulting Services and Cisco Systems Co-Invest in Internet of Things

June 3, 2016


ESTI Consulting Services (ESTI) continues to expand our Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure practice and Cisco Systems (Cisco) has been a key partner in enabling our client’s successful networking projects.  As a result, ESTI and Cisco have invested aggressively in our business relationship to further enable ESTI to deliver successful projects leveraging Cisco Systems products and services.