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Infrastructure Solutions

Enterprise Servers

Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle engineered systems are for customers who want the highest level of system performance, reliability, and security with the lowest total cost of ownership. These systems are predefined, pre-engineered, preassembled, focused configurations that simplify deployment, maintenance, and support. They are optimized and ready to work right off the shelf.

Oracle Servers

Oracle servers provide the performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness that meet customer requirements in technical computing, virtualization, and eco/energy-efficient design. With the complete family of servers from Oracle, a flexible IT ecosystem is a reality. And Oracle software runs faster on Oracle’s SPARC/ Oracle Solaris systems than on any other platform.

Enterprise Storage Solutions

Mission critical applications demand storage that allows timely access and is always available. Enterprise application solutions must be highly available, and highly scalable, while supporting extremely high transactions rates. Enterprise storage systems are designed specifically with these requirements in mind. Each system is designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for years on end. IT maintenance and upgrades do not affect an application’s ability to access data. Performance remains linear even as capacities grow past 100’s of Terabytes.

ESTI Consulting Service partners with top tier storage vendors to deliver enterprise storage solutions offering the pinnacle in reliability, performance, and scalability.

We work with a number of enterprise clients to:

  • Architect enterprise storage solutions
  • Introduce and implement enterprise storage solutions
  • Define enterprise storage management policies
  • Create data migration plans and migrate date to new enterprise storage platforms

Let ESTI work with you to architect an enterprise storage solution offering:

  • Five 9’s plus reliability
  • Extremely high IOPS with single digit millisecond response times
  • Enterprise wide consolidation
  • Federated storage providing active/active data across multiple data centers