ESTI Consulting Services

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Infrastructure Services

ESTI has the skilled professionals to help your company with its infrastructure needs. The services provided include: System Integration, Performance Tuning, System Health Checks, Oracle Database Optimization, and Enterprise Architecture & Design.

Enterprise Architecture and Design

(Server, Network, Storage)

ESTI focuses on the business requirements every time we generate IT Enterprise Architecture solutions. Our goal is to match the right technology to your business needs.

Essential to this process and every EA design project, ESTI:

  • Assesses and documents the current state
  • Analyzes the goals and requirements of the client
  • Considers the people involved as well as checking to see if any changes to resourcing are needed or currently pending
  • Develops an acceptable and defendable future state target

Applying our business knowledge in the processes and the practices listed above to all Enterprise Architecture design projects allows us to provide better value with the assurance that the right technology is implemented for your business. 

Assessment and Deployment

ESTI provides a full slate of IT Professional Services related to IT Infrastructure Services.  Our strategy is to hire very experienced IT staff and to invest heavily in their training and certification.  This combination of seniority and certification allows ESTI to provide high value Assessment and Deployment services related to our IT infrastructure.

Our IT assessment services are lead by senior ESTI staff members with expertise related to applications, virtualization, systems, network and storage.  The goal of our assessment is to measure the alignment of our client’s IT infrastructure with the client’s business requirements and discover measures to improve that alignment. 

Our deployment services are intended to facilitate timely project delivery and to reduce our client’s risks related to IT projects.  As part of our training strategy ESTI certifies our implementation engineers for hands-on deployment and support of the technologies that we provide.

Oracle Database Optimization

With over 22 years of Oracle administration experience, ESTI can provide optimization services to ensure your Oracle database is working as efficiently as possible given the environment it is in and the duties it is performing.  One of the strengths of the Oracle database is the high availability of tuning and management options which are built into its architecture.  Knowing these options and how to manipulate them is key to making the database function to your expectations.

Optimization can also include database consolidation to increase efficiency, manageability and increased license management.  ESTI has deep knowledge in these areas and can help you make and execute a plan to optimize your Oracle environment.

System Health Checks and Performance Tuning

ESTI provides infrastructure health checks for our client’s established IT infrastructure.  Our health checks are based on manufacturer best practices for deployment and industry best practices gathered by ESTI during the course of hard-won project experience.  Client’s IT infrastructure is analyzed and compared with a checklist of best practices.  In many cases, specialized tools are brought to bear to facilitate measurement of key metrics for comparison with benchmark values.  Results of the health check engagement typically include recommendations to improve the performance, efficiency, stability, and security of the infrastructure.

Performance tuning engagements are executed either as a stand-alone engagement to address a particular problem raised by a client, or as a follow-up engagement to address issues uncovered during a health check.  In a performance tuning engagement, detailed metrics are established which reflect the issue to be addressed.  Changes are made to infrastructure, databases, and applications as required to bring the metrics in line with client business requirements.

Systems Integration

ESTI can provide a unifying solution to optimize both the efficiency and effectiveness of your information systems.  Existing systems are frequently the remnants of previously independent and separate systems that have been gradually linked as technology evolved.  The amalgamation of these sub-systems leads to a variety of difficulties including functional deficiencies, data inefficiencies, hardware incompatibility, security / access issues, and interface problems.  Disparate systems strung across different platforms lead to inefficiency and frustration at every step.  For example, these disparate systems each require copies of parts or all of the data that must be continually refreshed and synchronized.  ESTI has found this to be an unacceptable and unworkable situation over the long term.

We strive to design and implement information systems that exceed functional goals while matching the system hardware and software architecture to the client’s unique environment.  Every ESTI system is an integrated system whether it is a massive array of on-line services blended with internal databases or a single database of raw data on which all processing must be done.

ESTI works with the client to install integrated systems.  A single database platform and consistent hardware architecture set the stage for a single user-id/login to access the system.  Proper planning allows a common integrated platform to perform all functions from system backup to reporting.

ESTI has a proven history in not only developing custom built integrated systems but also designing solutions capable of integration to third party applications and data stores.  Not every system can be a ground up re-development project.  Pre-existing applications or externally developed specialized modules may need to be integrated into the design.  Development of 'bridge' applications may be needed to integrate properly and to deliver the most efficient solution.  ESTI works with the client to provide this service.