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Hardware & Infrastructure

Hardware & Infrastructure

Oracle engineered systems are for customers who want the highest level of system performance, reliability, and security with the lowest total cost of ownership. These systems are predefined, pre-engineered, preassembled, focused configurations that simplify deployment, maintenance, and support. They are optimized and ready to work right off the shelf.

Whether you are looking to augment your disaster recovery capabilities or introduce technology to support a new disaster recovery initiative, ESTI Consulting Services can find appropriate disaster recovery solutions to meet your needs.

As IT organizations pursue the efficiency and flexibility of the Software Defined Datacenter, the need for consolidated and integrated  hardware with ubiquitous connectivity increases.  EMC VSPEX systems enjoy the documented validation of a reference architecture while accommodating the legacy architecture of your datacenter. 

Information technology (IT) organizations are facing ever increasing demands for their services. At the same time, the sheer numbers of ongoing initiatives results in the demand for ever shorter roll out cycles of new technology.

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