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Company Overview

ESTI was founded in 1989 and has been building on the same management group for over 20 years.  ESTI was initially a professional services only organization but now we are offering industry specific professional services, custom application and database development, integration services as well as data migration services.

Our experience was gained servicing clients across Canada, from Victoria to Halifax, and allowed us to enhance our methodologies and best practice approaches for all of our service offerings.

We offer:

  • Vast IT Professional Services experience.
  • IT Business Solution experience in: Pension & Benefits, Telco, Education, Environment, Mining & Safety, Financial and Insurance spaces.
  • 50+ combined years of enterprise sales, architecture and design experience.
  • A lean and specialized technology focus.


ESTI performs architecture planning, strategic planning, development and implementation of custom software applications which are based on solid, reputable systems architecture. We sell what we know, what we believe in, and what works.  We do not want to modify the existing architecture or systems unless that change bolsters good business practice. Technology should support the business practice, not shackle it.

Client goals are our prime concern in the context of a strong technology platform. We set your goals as our guidelines when planning a project. Our services are delivered to you and your staff in a manner designed to reinforce your overall goals. We emphasize personalized support and an accommodating relationship in your office. We treat our clients with respect, and ensure that complete disclosure of project progress is made. We work with you to develop and implement procedures that will increase your productivity.

ESTI has a proven development methodology for the creation of new software and for the enhancement of existing systems. We do sophisticated, key work for a growing number of organizations across Canada. ESTI works with the client to identify the detailed goals to be accomplished. One important thing that we stress is that a system is never complete until it is installed in production and the staff has adopted the system as the best tool for their job.  ESTI does on-site support with clients from Vancouver to Toronto.  Since our inception in 1989, our staff and partners have traveled millions of kilometers to assist clients at their offices.

We understand that our prices are extremely competitive given the types of skills and knowledge provided. If given the opportunity, you have our commitment to establish specific deliverables with exact budget and holdback provisions. We will deliver what has been promised.

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