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Custom Software Solution Development

Custom Software Solution Development

ESTI specializes in the design, development and implementation of custom solutions.  Utilizing an Agile model, we have successfully completed many projects over the past 20+ years.

We work with our clients to identify and analyze the shortfalls in the current environment.  A ‘fit analysis’ is conducted to see if existing applications can fulfill the need.  The analysis permits critical evaluation of the relative strengths and weaknesses of existing applications.  At this point a decision is made to proceed with an existing solution, to modify the existing solution, or to create a completely new solution.

For custom IT solutions, we assist the client in identifying and defining the requirements of the new system. This generates a sophisticated level of understanding that facilitates system design and application overview.  During the design stage, the components needed by the client are identified and the implementation strategy is developed.  ESTI only proceeds with system development after the requirement and application overviews have been agreed to by the client.  Items normally defined within these documents include: database components and design; process functionality; calculation details; application component identification and security requirements.

After initial design and application development have been executed, extensive system testing is carried out before handing the application over to the user acceptance testing team.  A test matrix is built based on requirements and specifically identified test cases.

Any IT solution is only as good as the information that it can provide.  We strive to ensure that the reports developed will provide accurate, timely, concise, and valuable information.  The initially identified reports provide templates for further report development after the initial implementation.  If in the course of conducting the project it becomes clear that additional discipline expertise is required, ESTI is positioned to identify and provide that expertise.

The complete development life cycle is carried out with detailed reporting to the client and full disclosure of progress.  ESTI has successfully completed this cycle numerous times and has found it to be effective and efficient in the delivery of our custom solutions.