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Platform Consolidation & Data Migration


ESTI has built a solid reputation for being one of the go to IT Consulting companies in the Prairies. We take IT consulting seriously and when approached will create IT Business solutions to meet our client’s needs. 

In 2010 a client identified the need for updating their enterprise database architecture as a means to improve their IT infrastructure and management of IT resources. The client wished to achieve this by consolidating a large portion of their UNIX based server infrastructure. The motivation for tuning their database architecture was to reduce the number of platforms being used in their enterprise network, to reduce licensing costs, to better manage system administration resources, as well as IT maintenance resources while ensuring the strategy could be enhanced or expanded easily for years to come. 

In the fall of 2010 the process for providing an IT business solution for this client had begun. ESTI IT solutions consulting professionals started doing a hardware infrastructure analysis to identify and document the Current State of the client’s AIX, HP, and Sun Servers. The main focus was placed on Oracle database licensing, database installations and application dependencies. Disaster Recovery Planning was noted to be very important to the client so server backup solutions for data disaster recovery were identified. 

ESTI designed and documented a Future State architecture using Virtualization with Solaris Logical Domains technology to help this client visualize the benefits of the enterprise system architecture upgrade. Documentation of the Future State systems provided a picture of how the HP Series and AIX environments could be rolled over to a Sun Solaris environment in which High Availability, Standalone, and Lower Priority QA/DEV Test Oracle instances could be housed on the proper IT infrastructure. Future State groupings took into account: hardware, licensing, database/application groupings and training/sustainment requirements. 

Costing of the Current to Future State changes was developed so that the client could see the savings in the Total Cost of Ownership being realized with the system upgrade. After the Future State details were agreed upon, a Data Migration strategy was developed for implementation of the new enterprise IT infrastructure. ESTI then provided IT support in the Migration of Data from the old to the new server infrastructure. The data migration services that ESTI provided had the migration process divided into 7 phases or iterations. Each iteration consists of databases grouped together based on commonalities in their relationship, the type of data availability required, and data dependencies of the applications using them.

The process of data migration is currently underway and will be completed by September 2012. Over the course of the migration project over 24 terabytes of data will be transferred of which more than 8 terabytes of data was stored on a single data warehouse server. Different data migration strategies are being employed based on the version of Oracle running on the original servers and the window of time available for the data to be moved. The choice of strategy needs to suit both the original servers and the data being relocated to allow for the orderly move of data with as little interruption to the client’s computer network as is possible. One such method being employed is the use of Golden Gate Software. This application is utilized to sync two databases over a period of time to allow for the careful systematic move of applications from old servers to newer servers without the client noting any disruption in their database services.

Many different IT solutions and services will be required by the client to achieve a successful system upgrade and migration. ESTI is providing professional IT services for this project including: Database Administration, Quality Assurance/software testing, Project Management, infrastructure based solutions, and architectural services. ESTI’s Database Administrators are responsible for the creation of new databases, migrating data as well as providing proof of the successful migration through pre-/post- migration tables, row and hash counts. Expertise of a senior ESTI DBA has also been provided to assist with production enhancements, installing ‘future state’ architecture and configuring it prior to the start of the data migration effort. Business Analysis services are being provided by some of our senior analysts in gathering requirements and planning for migration milestones. Quality Assurance professionals are employing their skills in quickly learning the client’s software, developing test cases to test applications, as well as executing already developed test cases to verify the successful migration of applications and data. To create a smooth transition for Oracle Enterprise Management and Oracle Warehouse Builder services from version 10g to 11g, ESTI is providing the skilled services of a senior analyst to work on the set up, requirements gathering, training, testing and migration from one version to the next.

From the combination of new software and hardware ESTI has enabled the client to realize significant performance gains and returns on their investments. They are now realizing a decrease in the expenses associated with licensing costs and system administration overhead. The client is able to focus their current employee’s skill sets in the new IT infrastructure. The upgraded and consolidated system will work efficiently and be able to grow effectively for years to come.