The Business Analyst role is focused on satisfying customer project outcomes and ensuring effective solutions are delivered to satisfy identified problems or opportunities. The desired result of this role is to create satisfied clients and build relationships with them. Business Analysts at ESTI will be able to build their own competencies, using industry best practices as a guideline, and increase their knowledge in the industry.

The qualities a Business Analyst must have include problem solving skills, strong communication skills, leadership, time management abilities, and the ability to be flexible and adaptable. ESTI employees enjoy the benefit of a small company where each individual can contribute significantly to clients and the company. Our projects require dynamic teams of professionals who participate in any or all of the analysis, design, development, implementation, support, and management phases. At ESTI you will have the opportunity to learn and gain experience using a wide variety of skills.

ESTI Consulting Services is a fast paced environment. Our high performing employees thrive on challenging but rewarding work. The successful applicant must be able to adapt to various client needs, and be willing to work past the typical 37.5 hour week, 8:30-5 day, as necessary. ESTI will provide you with the resources you need to be successful in this position.


** Local experience is a preferred asset, but we are always interested in individuals from across Canada. While international experience can be an asset, we require candidates to have Canadian work experience, and currently reside in Canada. **


What will you do day to day?

  • You will identify existing and potential problems or opportunities
  • Interpret needs of the client, and communicate to the project team as necessary
  • Relay required information to appropriate stakeholders and ensure they understand the requirements
  • Trace solutions back through the requirement to business needs
  • You will elicit business needs and requirements through face to face meetings, phone calls, emails
  • You will find and implement solutions to meet client needs
  • You will ensure the client is informed of progress, and any changes that are being made
  • Manage changes to project and scope while considering implications
  • Provide exceptional communication through written documentation
  • Manage client relations to ensure excellent service is provided
  • You will utilize team resources within ESTI, as well as external resources as needed
  • Manage potential risks involved during the project
  • You will lead and facilitate business need, requirement, process and solution discussions
  • Check in on teams to make sure things are running smoothly on project development
  • Set an example of professionalism and exceptional communication
  • Work toward achieving individual, company, and client goals
  • You will apply appropriate and systematic methodologies when addressing a problem or opportunity
  • Take an analytical approach when considering implications and adapt appropriately
  • Assess when extra expertise is needed and be able to bring in the appropriate people
  • You will provide/develop appropriate documentation to track progress
  • Manage schedules and a variety of tasks effectively
  • You will provide and develop appropriate documentation to track progress
  • Manage schedules and a variety of tasks effectively
  • Create and execute a plan for ensuring success
  • You will demonstrate effective leadership and facilitation skills
  • You will communicate with the necessary parties to ensure they are informed on the progress of the project
  • You will apply industry best practices in business analysis, project management, and change management, as needed, to meet and exceed project needs.
  • Have strong writing skills and be able to articulate ideas well and clearly, with little error
  • Be able to listen attentively and draw important information out of others, and be able to communicate a specific message
  • You will be able to listen attentively and draw important information out of others, and is also able to communicate a specific message
  • Look to provide high quality customer service through effective communication and delivery of a project
  • You will work to maintain and develop relationships with clients
  • Be able to work well with team members, and provide assistance and support when needed
  • Demonstrate appropriate and professional behaviour for every situation
  • Build positive and reciprocal relationships that benefit the company
  • Be friendly and optimistic, make personal commitments to build trust and credibility
  • Be able to ensure the project is fully executed and follow up with client once completed
  • Strive to achieve set goals and maintain commitment in the face of obstacles
  • You will set and maintain high performance standards for yourself and others that support the goal
  • Perform tasks accurately and thoroughly by checking work and making adjustments to ensure client expectations are met and exceeded
  • You will be able to function effectively under pressure and maintain stress level under heavy workloads
  • Will work cooperatively and enthusiastically with others to achieve common goals
  • Adapt to a variety of situations and personalities in order to provide the best solution
  • You will demonstrate willingness to change based on new information
  • Use your awareness of the bigger picture to get around obstacles and reach the desired outcome
  • You will engage in continuous learning opportunities to further develop skills and capabilities in technical and functional areas
  • You will update your professional knowledge and skills on a regular basis to stay current and apply new trends and information to your work
  • Focus on improving performance through learning and development opportunities.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Education: Degree, diploma, or equivalent work experience in business or computer science, or computer engineering
  • Experience: 7+ years
  • Background knowledge of business analysis and familiarity with business analyst methodologies required
  • Experience and credentials in Project Management and/or Change Management will be considered an asset
  • Introductory IT industry experience recommended
  • Customer service related experience will be considered an asset.



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