ESTI Consulting Services

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George Odegard

President, Partner
George founded ES Technology Inc. in 1989 and steered it to its present position as one of the leading Oracle and systems consulting companies in Canada.

George envisioned a highly mobile consulting company with the expertise to deliver appropriate solutions to the technological problems facing today's corporations. Over the past 23 years ESTI has grown from a two-man firm operated in his basement to an organization with over 30 staff members and clients in Victoria, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax.

George has experience in both the computer industry and in the public education sector.  He spent 11 years as an educator in the Saskatoon public education system.  George then joined SaskComp in the Saskatoon office from 1981 to 1989.

George combines his experience in structured business analysis and his ability to promote discussion with end-users to quickly identify the requirements of the client as well as facilitate the necessary consensus on functional and design issues.

George provides a variety of services to our clients.

  • Project management for numerous multi-million dollar technology projects.
  • Development and implementation of strategic corporate technological planning.
  • Selection / implementation of associated applications and systems.
  • Supervision and communication.
  • Client reporting through monthly reviews.
  • Progress reports for on-going projects.

Odegard's foresight and leadership are responsible for ESTI's success. George is married to Marilyn; both have two children: Kris & Karina, Ben & Samantha.